While Worldcoin Sees a 148% Surge in Unique Addresses, the Top 20 Wallets Command 94% of WLD Supply

While Worldcoin Sees a 148% Surge in Unique Addresses, the Top 20 Wallets Command 94% of WLD Supply

You are currently viewing While Worldcoin Sees a 148% Surge in Unique Addresses, the Top 20 Wallets Command 94% of WLD Supply

Worldcoin’s native cryptocurrency, worldcoin (WLD), has oscillated in value between $2.69 and $2.13 per token throughout the preceding 12 days, peaking at $3.30 per coin on July 24, 2023. The number of individual addresses possessing WLD under Worldcoin’s umbrella has surged by more than 148%, escalating from 164,195 wallets to a figure of 408,721 unique addresses.

Worldcoin’s Unique Addresses Soar 148%

From July 24, 2023, to Saturday, August 5, Worldcoin’s native asset WLD has maintained a median average price of $2.41 per token over the course of the past 12 days. On that specific day, WLD achieved an unprecedented high of $3.30 per unit, only to witness a decline of 35.55% by August 5.

Conversely, WLD also touched an all-time low of $1.66 on July 24, but the price has since rebounded, climbing more than 27% from that low. In the week leading up to August 5, WLD’s value has eroded by 9.2% against the U.S. dollar, with 1.7% of that loss occurring on August 5 alone.

What has improved in Worldcoin’s recent performance is the rise in the number of unique addresses holding WLD. As of July 25, the count of WLD token holders stood at 164,195 wallets. Fast forward 12 days to August 5, and that figure has expanded by 148% to 408,721 unique addresses.

Dominating the landscape, the largest address commands a staggering 57.8604% of the supply, encompassing 103,494,839 WLD tokens, while the top 100 holders collectively wield ownership of 95.08%. Since the token’s launch on Optimism, 1,912,129 WLD transfers have taken place.

Worldcoin’s preeminent two addresses, which function as contract addresses, are firmly within the control of the Worldcoin project, holding 57.86% and 17.88% of the WLD supply, respectively. Following those wallets is the third-largest address, held in Binance’s custody, and the fourth, maintained by the firm Wintermute.

The fifth position is occupied by another contract wallet under Worldcoin’s dominion, while the sixth-largest wallet is overseen by the South Korean exchange Bithumb. The subsequent ranks are controlled by Okx as the seventh largest, Huobi as the eighth, and Flow Traders owning the ninth largest WLD wallet. Wintermute has yet another significant presence, commanding the tenth-largest WLD wallet with a balance of 850,000.

The following ten positions are designated as Uniswap, Gate.io, Bithumb, Bybit, an unknown wallet, Mexc, Bitget, Worldcoin, another unknown wallet, and Bybit, in that order. Cumulatively, the top 20 wallets encapsulate a commanding 94.0125% of the WLD supply as of August 5, 2023.

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